Double D Armory LTD is a Colorado based manufacturer of high quality AR style rifles, parts and components. We are dedicated to making aesthetically pleasing yet functional components that are, durable and reliable. Over the next year we will be introducing some very cool products that we think the shooting community will embrace! Double D Armory is a Class 07 Manufacturer and we will be offering civilian semi auto versions along with select fire versions of our products for Law Enforcement and Military. All of our rifles and components are being tested to MIL-STD-810 standards.

In the coming months we will be releasing new components, accessories, suppressors and a completely newly design piston system for AR platforms. All of our parts are strictly tested and measured to tight tolerances to ensure we are within or beyond mil spec dimensions. We are currently working on our proprietary piston system for AR style rifles. Our patent pending piston system was designed to be simple and functional with high reliability. We will post more information on our piston system as it becomes available.

Double D Armory LTD is located in GreenWood Village, Colorado. We are dedicated to manufacturing durable, reliable firearms and components.

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