25k+ Rounds Later and Still Going Strong

On July 29, 2015 we conducted an accuracy test on our Double D Armory, Ltd AR15 Rifles the Model: SST. We went to Centennial Gun Club, which has had an SST in service as a Range Rifle for about 15 months. ( Double D Armory, Ltd AR15 Rifle Manufacture )

Centennial Gun Club reports that the range rifle has been in service as a range rifle, and to date has been rented 190 times. I asked various individuals who work there, the head RSO & managers, what the average number of rounds shot per session is. I received estimates from 100-200+ , so for this writing, I am using 100 rounds average per range session.

This was one of the 1st rifle samples built, and was used for demonstrations prior to putting it in service at Centennials range. The round count during it’s time spend as a demo, was 6700 hard fast rounds down the tube.  The goal at that time was to abuse that rifle and barrel as much as possible.

So based on what we know, and the estimate average from Centennial, we are going to say this rifle has around 25k+ rounds. 100 rounds per rental session x 190 times rented = 19K, and 6700 rounds prior = 25.7k rounds.

From the video, you will see that on of the managers said the rifle is used in training events, also goes out as a secondary rental, and that these rounds are not counted. We have no way, of tracking or estimating the round count, so we will leave those out of the equation.

Reliability Is Our 1st Priority

When this rifle was designed there were several benchmarks we wanted to surpass, but reliability and durability were our highest priority. The owner J. Delgado said that he wanted to create a firearm that would last his son, and future owners a lifetime.

In the video, you will hear 1st hand accounts, from three different individuals as to the known issues they have had with the rifle.

They are as follows:

  1.    Broken extractor (somewhere around the 13k round mark)
  2.    Broken firing pin (exceeded 6k rounds)
  3.    Loose screws securing the hand guard (if you have to take it off; use “blue” lock tight when securing it back).
  4.    Type III malfunction. (Mag Issue)

If you view the Military means life expectancy of these parts, and these types of rifles, you will see that this rifle has exceeded these expectations.

25k Round Later
25k Round Later
25k Round Later

(Pictured at 25k Rounds)

Longevity Without Sacrificing Accuracy

In the 1st accuracy proof test video, we asked Jesse a Marine Corps Scout Sniper and instructor to come out and shoot our Model: SST. The goal was to see what the best shot group would be. The rifle was tested as we sell it, meaning nothing was added but the scope. The day before the test, I went out and shot 200 rounds through it, just to break it in a bit.

During that segment the best shot group was under .5MOA using Atlanta Arms 77gr HPBT. “Video can be viewed here”

For this test, we only used the upper, but tested it on a black SST lower. There isn’t much deviation in tolerances from one lower to the next, so we felt we were safe, doing so. The only reason we didn’t test the two together was to avoid paper work needed to transfer the entire rifle.

After dialing in the scope, we decided to shoot a string and see what the best group would be. We tested various ammo manufactures, and the best group results came from Gorilla Ammo 55grn Sierra Match Kings. Which resulted in a 1.292 MOA. I’m not plugging Gorilla here, but it did shoot the best, including outshooting MK262.

We will do another test in the future, ask Jesse (Marine Scout Sniper from 1st video) to come back out, and see if he can get it to shoot better. We will also use some of the original ammunition we used in our 1st accuracy test video- Atlanta Arms. While we are at it, use some Gorilla Ammunition 69grn Match Grade Ammunition as well.

We make An Excellent Rifle

The model SST out shoots the majority of rifles on the market today! After 25k rounds, it is more accurate than most carbines out of the box new.

We spent a lot of time developing the rifle, selecting the correct parts, finishes, coatings, etc. in order to build a more durable and accurate rifle.

During the R&D phase of this rifle we did test the barrels, and also did a lot of research to determine that Black Nitride on a barrel would be better than hard chrome. The metallurgy reports show that nitride is as hard as “hard chrome” but there is no build up using nitride. It also has more lubricity which results in a little added velocity.

Using hard chrome tends to build up and lay in the lands and grooves thus causing the barrel to be less accurate.  We choose to use the black nitride process, because there is no build up of materials, resulting in a more accurate barrel.

We will continue to do updates on this rifle, test again in a couple of months, and again in another 10k or so rounds.

The reason for the test was to show current users, and future users, what kind of life expectancy they can expect out of their rifle. Even though not scientific, nor an exact test, and there are variable factors involved; this will give you a good baseline.