Beautiful and functional.

Not only do our rifles look good, but they get the job done! We have the reliability of a serious gun with the aesthetics of a competition rifle and your sure to find a pattern to fit your lifestyle. Whether you’re an operator, hunter, patrolman, or a competition shooter, we have a pattern and rifle for you!


Built In-house.

Un-like the majority of so called “Rifle Manufactures”, we build the majority our own parts, and assemble our rifle & AR15 pistols in house!

We use only the latest technologies in CNC to insure the products we deliver to you are the best they can be – we don’t mass produce parts with minimum QC!


Quality and reliability.

We never skimp on quality and we believe it’s an important part in building the most reliable firearm! Every part we choose serves a function and is chosen to give the rifle the maximum life and reliability.

  • Bolt Carrier Group – Made to Mil-Spec tolerances with 8620 and carpenter 158 steel.  Coated in either NIB or Nitride; both of which resist carbon build up and make it easier to clean!

  • Barrels- We utilize Chrome Molly 4150 for our 16” and 10.5”. The 16” is finished in Nitride for a hard durable finish, sure to last thousands of rounds and give you the best accuracy possible. While our 10.5” barrels are phosphate finished and Chrome lined! Both finishes assist in easier cleaning, long lasting reliability and more fun on the range!

  • Forged Receiver Sets- Our forged receiver sets are machined on our own state of the art CNC machines, which utilize probes to ensure accuracy!  Each receiver set is then hand inspected and checked for quality and conformance to spec.

  • Rail systems – Our rails are designed and built in house! Our latest rail is the “Victory” rail which utilizes the Bravo Company KMR rail attachment. We liked the ease of installation and not having to “time” the barrel nut, so we licensed the attachment system!

  • All the other parts are sourced from “Defense Contractors” who build the parts for the BIGGER guys! We spent years in the industry seeking out only the best suppliers.


Why Do Business With Us.

Simply put- We try harder! We know we are the little guy and we have to try harder to earn your dollar. We are a father and son ran company- As a matter of fact I utilized the initials of my sons 1st and last name to formulate Double D.

We want to turn out the best product we possible can and we hope you enjoy it and most importantly tell your friends! We have relied on “word of mouth” for the last four years and it seems to be working.  If for any reason your un-satisfied with anything, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly and I will do my best to make it right!

J. Delgado


Call/Text: 720-347-1818