What payment methods do you accept?

We accept – Mastercard and Visa.

I really want one of your rifles; Can I buy one here online?

YES! You can purchase one of our rifles here online. We will ship it to a local FFL, where they will conduct the required background check and then release it to you. You can be on the range this week, enjoying the best built rifle on the market!

I really like COVERCEAL™; will you do mine if I send you my rifle/parts?

Sorry! Currently we are only offering COVERCEAL™ on our own line of rifles. Because of the complexity involved in doing this process, there runs a high chance of your parts being taken out of tolerance. Therefore we have opted out of doing this on others parts.

Will you do the pattern I designed, on a rifle I order?

We sure will! There are some basic parameters we need to follow. The best way to proceed is to call us directly, or email us at: sales@ddarmory.com

I've been hearing a lot about your rifles and COVERCEAL™. What is COVERCEAL™ anyway?:

Coverceal™ is a proprietary process in which the Lower/Upper, Handguard and other parts of the Double D Armory, LTD rifle, are finished. This includes the process, patterns, finish and colors used. COVERCEAL™ is done in accordance with Military Specification MIL-A-8625 TYPE III Class II. Which means our rifle patterns are as durable as the more common black rifles.

What kind of warranty/guarantee do you have?

Double D Armory, LTD stands 100% behind our products for the “lifetime” of that rifle. If you ever have any issues, just give us a call! We guarantee our products by a 100% manufactures guarantee against workmanship defects. We are so confident in our rifles, if anything breaks we will replace it “no questions” asked. (Don’t intentionally abuse it, we don’t cover abnormal abuse -Just Sayin’.)

What kind of life expectancy can I expect out of your barrels?

That is a question that has a lot of variables. Our barrels are made out of CrMoV 4150, then the barrels are Black Nitrided for added durability and corrosion resistance. We believe using this type of steel and the nitriding process gives that barrel the best resistance to wear and ensure longevity. Barrels wear depending on how they are shot and used, and can vary from 10k rounds to over 25k+ rounds. Our “GUARANTEE” to you is; if you ever shoot that barrel out, we will re-barrel the rifle for you at our cost. Equal to or better than the original barrel in the rifle.

What kind of accuracy have you been able to get out of your rifles?

We have seen XM193 produce groups around 1.5 MOA and the Match Grade 77GRN HPBT produce Sub 1/2 MOA. Our “Guarantee” on our SSTF rifles is a “SUB MOA” guarantee!