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Let Me Introduce Myself

By the Founder of Double D Armory, LTD

Hello! My name is Joaquin (Jay) Delgado, I am the founder of Double D Armory, LTD. A native to Colorado I grew up experiencing the beauty and bounty Americans are blessed by and my patriotism became deep-rooted. At seventeen, the allure of being one of “The Few, The Proud” caused me to enlist in the Marine Corps.

The Marine Corps introduced me to firearms. I loved my M16A2 even though prone to miss-feeds, malfunctions, and loose tolerances. After my service, I came home to Colorado and spent 15 years building my first business as a General Contractor to the Federal Gov. My dream however was not in construction, but to someday build my own “improved” version of that M16. Three years ago I followed my dream and formed Double D Armory, LTD as a federally licensed firearm manufacturer. Not a job or just work, Double D Armory is my passion, the two D’s in the company name represent my son’s first and last name initials, and every waking hour is spent building a better rifle.

Miss-feeds and malfunctions can cost a life in a critical moment, so I spent months with engineers and component manufacturers, maintaining military specifications while designing a modern, more accurate, and more reliable rifle. The result is the DDA Model: SST & SSTF, a modern AR-15 platform that is more accurate, more precisely functioning, and  lighter weight than my M16/M4. Our initial customers included former Marines and other military, police, and firearm enthusiasts. Today, engineers, doctors, lawyers have joined our Customer Family attracted by accuracy, precision, and modern look and feel… they handle our rifle, run some rounds, experience the difference and  now run a DDA SST or SSTF.

In closing, Please browse around and take the time to learn about our rifle. You will find under the “Educate” tab information about what makes our rifle different. We will update often so please check back! Also; don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter. We will periodically send out updates on new products, and more often than not a chance to get them at a pre-release price.

We look forward to working with you!

J. Delgado

CEO- Double D Armory

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Service Men, Patriots, Enthusiasts.

Double D Armory was formed in 2012; by a Marine, Jay Delgado, who utilized the extremely effective and modular M16 and it’s variants for years. His passion and experience resulted in him creating a versatile AR-15 platform for all uses.

The DDA SST & SSTF rifles focus on the most desired upgrade attribute, accuracy, while adding unique appeal of lighter weight, quality, and Mil-Spec camouflage.

Within a short period of time, Double D Armory has been able to grow rapidly, while forging a strong core team of veterans, law enforcement professionals and patriots. Whether our rifles are in patrol cars, the field hunting, training classes, or on the range, our rifles exceed all expectations!


We Build A Cool Rifle!

We build an enhanced AR-15 Platform rifle. The DDA SST & SSTF conforms to Military Specifications, however is upgraded in the areas that all experienced shooters want after firing the typical AR15; more accurate barrel, smoother action, Magpul grip, free float hand guard, upgraded trigger, hard anodize camouflage finish, and a lighter weight rifle.

What makes us different


Reliability & Accuracy

In a field of black rifles, and with so many manufactures to choose from, people often ask;  “What makes You Different”? Beyond the fully upgraded features, and our cool looking Mil-Spec (Mil-A-8625 Type II Class2) finish, our 1st priority is Reliability & Accuracy.

We started by taking the more common upper and lower receiver found in the typical AR-15 and redesigned it to be lighter, more durable, and aesthetically appealing. All of our rifles are built with the highest quality components, and utilize the latest finishes & coatings.

A Mil-Spec upper & lower receiver, extruded 15″ free-float handguard, M16 cut BCG finished in NIB, and a sub MOA 16″, 1:7 Twist barrel, are some of the features you will find in the SSTF.

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Buy Yours Today!

If you like what you see and are interested in purchasing one of your very own Model: SST Rifles, go into your local dealer and ask to see a Double D Armory, LTD Model: SST Rifle.

If a dealer in your area isn’t carrying our products yet, don’t worry, we will gladly ship you one to your FFL of choice. We are continually adding new dealers.